Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

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There are many types of vinegar known for various uses and benefits. Among them is apple cider vinegar. Though not so common, this type of vinegar has lots of benefits when used in an appropriate manner. Below is the summary of both advantages and disadvantages of apple cider vinegar.


  • Helps in controlling diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. This vinegar is suitable for those people having the second type of diabetes. This type of diabetes occurs as a result of the body failing to produce enough insulin or fails to produce it at all.

According to recent research, this vinegar is suitable for lowering sugar levels in the blood which is very healthy. So, we won’t be wrong if we say that this vinegar prevents diabetes to some extent.

  • It helps in losing weight

When it comes to losing weight, it is not an easy task. In fact, it is the worst nightmare to many. Many do try some weight loss methods but unfortunately, they end up frustrated if the said method didn’t give them their desired results.

It is imperative to note that losing weight needs a combination of several weight loss methods and schedules. In any case, who wants that belly that spoils that beautiful shape? If you have been trying to lose weight and you have not succeeded, apple cider vinegar may be your savior. It is known for helping people lose weight without much struggle. It is also known to do away with belly fat in an efficient way.

If you take apple cider vinegar along with your favorite meal, you are likely to stay full for long. This reduces your chances of eating so many calories which in return reduces your weight since the fewer calories you take the more you are safe from gaining weight.

  • Lowers levels of cholesterol in the body

In modern life we are living in, lifestyle diseases are common. Among them are heart- related; high blood pressure and heart failure being among them.

The first enemy of a healthy heart is cholesterol. The more you avoid much cholesterol, the healthier your heart remains.

Apple cider vinegar has been proved to reduce amounts of cholesterol in the body. It is also known to lower blood pressure.

  • May prevent cancer to some extent

Cancer is the leading killer disease in the world. It is usually characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells.

Though the diseases can’t be cured, we may stay healthy by regular uptake of apple cider vinegar. It is known to kill some cancer cells and prevent their multiplication hence curing some tumors.


Apple cider vinegar as we have seen has a wide range of health benefits. However, it must be taken with precaution. Uptake of it may come with various side effects. Below are some of them.

Those who take it may suffer digestive problems

Acetic acid available in apple cider vinegar lowers the rate of digestion. One may feel full for long which to some people may be uncomfortable.

  • May damage tooth

If you want to have a healthy tooth, you must avoid acidic beverages. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which is acidic. Uptake of this vinegar may damage your tooth and especially the enamel.


  • Does apple cider vinegar have any detoxification effects on the body?

Though there have been a lot of speculations that taking apple cider vinegar may detox your body, there is no scientific proof to back that.

Your body has the best mechanism to do that.

  • Which is the best method of including apple cider vinegar in the diet?

The best way to take apple cider vinegar is using it while cooking, for example, mixing it with your cooking fat.

Apple cider vinegar may be of many health benefits when incorporated in the diet. The best thing is to know the purpose of using it. Another thing is to use it accordingly since much uptake of it may come with various side effects.

Since lifestyle diseases are a nuisance, the best thing is to take preventative measures to make sure we are safe. Keeping fit, maintaining a healthy heart as well as living a life free from cancer is all about a matter of choice. The choice is yours and something to know is that taking apple cider vinegar is the starting point!

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