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Advanced yoga poses and names | Advanced yoga poses pictures

December 23, 2017

Get quick access to all of advanced yoga poses and names with picture! where all asanas are followed by clear matter instructions as incontestable by a yoga instructor.Read this blog to get brief idea and practice these following the proper rules. Many people have some common misconceptions about Yoga.So, They do yoga in a wrong […]

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Asana Yoga Poses Shortcuts The Easy Way | Basic poses

December 23, 2017

Browse our in depth yoga pose library with a huge collection differing kinds of poses like basic poses, advanced poses, Asanas,seated, and standing poses, twists and bandha techniques.You can Learn the fundamental asana yoga poses for the beginners about standing yoga poses, sitting yoga postures, lying down yoga asanas & it’s advantages to begin at home.Read […]

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10 Misconceptions about Yoga Poses You Never Knew

November 18, 2017

Many people have some misconceptions and stories that you may be believing.But the reality is it is not a beauty contest nor a competition.Many People show a lot of excuses who think they will be “bad” at yoga.Today we will tell you the 10 Misconceptions about Yoga and Yoga Poses.   Yoga isn’t just only a […]

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Laadyfirness gym How To Make Yoga For First Trimester Can i do yoga while pregnant

How To Make Yoga For First Trimester | Can i do yoga while pregnant?

November 9, 2017

You may ask -Is it safe to do yoga during pregnancy? or How To Make Yoga For First Trimester? If you go to a regular yoga class (one not specifically geared to pregnant women), be sure to tell your instructor that you’re pregnant, and which trimester now you’re in. Don’t do any asanas poses on your […]

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