Raw chemistry for her reviews 2019

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All women like looking attractive and getting attention from people of the opposite sex. Raw chemistry has proven to be the perfect solution when it comes to enhancing the sensual romance of men. This is because they have a sexy and enticing scent which sparks the romance naturally. Raw chemistry reviews are important because they help in identifying which product best suits you like a lady. They also help you to know which concentration level suitable for a given occasion and also the pricing. Let’s take check some products of the raw chemistry for the reviews.

  1. Raw chemistry pheromone infused women oil.
    This product will be very suitable if you want men to come after you. It is designed in such a way that it appeals to the sexual receptors of the brain due to its components. This product tends to mimic the natural pheromones released by the body. Its scent lasts quite long if applied on the pulse points of the body. Its scent, however, does not overpower the natural scent because it has a light and clean fragrance. The scent is sweet and musky in nature. You can apply it on the wrist, neck or massage it into the skin.

The price is moderate
It is long lasting; it can last for 6 to 7 months
Suitable for special dates and occasions
Has a sensual and attractive fragrance

  1. Jelique pure instinct pheromone perfume oil
    This is a perfect option for ladies looking for something that can naturally blend with the pheromones of the body. It easily combines with the body pheromones to produce a pleasing and distinctive fragrance which lasts for so long. To enhance its lasting power, you can add it to your bathing water. This will not only give you a romantic bath but also make it appear more natural on the skin. You can use it with your cologne or mix it with your body lotion. However, it is quite light, and this will require you to use it a bit more so as to give you a significant effect.

Unique since it doesn’t smell the same on everybody
Blends naturally with the body pheromones
Lasts long after applying

It may be a bit expensive since you have to use it in large quantity
Doesn’t last long enough after purchasing

  1. Booty Parlor flirty little secret perfume oil with pheromones
    Are you worried about spending an extra amount in purchasing various fragrances to various suite occasions? Worry no more because booty parlor has got you covered. With this product, you can apply it for any occasion whether formal or informal. This rollerball perfume has a sexy and enticing scent. In addition, it’s package is quite compact making it easy to carry for touch up purposes. The fragrance is not overpowering since the roller ball release only the required amount. However, it lasts for just 2-3 hours, and this will require you to keep on reapplying.

It makes one very attractive
Elevates your mood and confidence
It is easy to carry around

It is quite expensive
Lasts for a very short duration this the need for reapplication
It is not that long lasting

  1. Pherx pheromone perfume for women
    This product contains the highest concentration of pheromones as compared to the other raw chemistry products. This gives it the advantage of lasting for quite long once it has been applied. It has a pleasing scent which has a great effect on men since it knows how to spark romance when used. Its tone is slightly musky, but it settles into a pleasurable fragrance. You should, however, be cautious when spraying since the bottle lets out too much and this can leave you smelling too strong.

It lasts for a longer period when applied
Gives a perfect result
Suitable for people who like musky scents

It is quite expensive
The high pheromone concentration may have effects on some people

  1. Phermalabs human sex premium pheromone perfume
    This perfume contains powerful human sex pheromones which give it a sweet scent thus making it the most preferred by a lot of people. It has a clean fragrance with a faint woody appeal which will highly boost your self-esteem and leave you feeling more desirable. It lasts for quite long but, you may need to wear it more than usual when going out as it becomes subtle over the day. It should be worn on the neck, wrists, and elbows for the pulse to keep on emitting the fragrance throughout the day.
    It gives a pleasing effect on your personality
    Makes you more attractive
    Boosts one’s self-esteem
    Lasts for long when applied

It is slightly expensive
Requires touch-ups during the day
It may not last that long.


  1. How will you be able to a genuine raw chemistry product from a fake one?
    The preferred way to do so is by looking for genuine dealers who can be trusted, and in case of any issues, you are able to get to them. You can also check on the previous raw chemistry reviews and comments from the customers who have used those products. This will help In knowing which ones are genuine and even where to get them
  2. How do I tell which product blend with my body pheromone?
    Answer :
    Most products pheromones blend naturally with the body pheromones. The only issue may be the outcome after the blend. You may need to try various products so as to know which one blends well to produce the perfect fragrance you need.

Raw chemistry products are essential for ladies. However, it is important to note various factors before acquiring the best raw chemistry for the reviews. They should not have very high pheromone concentration, it should have a lasting power, and the fragrance should be able to blend naturally. The above-featured products are just among the few raw chemistry reviews which may be useful to the ladies.

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